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Invictus Training Mission:

To improve in-sport performance, efficiency, effectiveness, and decrease injury risk.

What We Do

  • Assess, identify, and address strengths and weaknesses in movements relevant to an athlete’s sport

  • Create unique training programs that are designed to improve any/all of the following areas: speed, reaction, strength, stability, power, awareness, skills, and more!

Why We Are Different

Our intention is not to create intensely difficult workouts just for the sake of making an athlete work hard. Typically, if an athlete is exhausted and extremely sore after a workout and did not get injured, they usually view it as a great workout. However, did the workout truly benefit the athlete for his/her sport? What was accomplished?

With Dr. Caulfield’s main specialties being sports rehab, sports performance, and movement efficiency, his sessions always include injury prevention as a focus. Most PREVENTABLE sports injuries happen while fatigued. With this, our goal is to build quality movement even while fatigued. Furthermore, being a licensed chiropractic physician, Dr. Caulfield has the ability to treat injuries or other conditions during a training session as needed.

In the end, an athlete will thrive in whatever environment he/she feels most comfortable. One could be getting world class care, but if there isn’t a sense of trust and comfort, there will always be something missing. Our goal at Invictus is to maximize that trust and comfort level.


Dr. Caulfield Small Group Performance Training

Small group sessions are perfect to add an element of competitiveness. If an athlete chooses to go this route, the athlete will be grouped with others who share a similar work rate, general fitness level, and sport.

For our training objectives, quality will decrease with large groups. It is nearly impossible to address individual needs of an athlete if the class size is too large. For that reason, Dr. Caulfield’s class sizes will be kept at six or less. This gives Dr. Caulfield the opportunity to modify workouts and identify movement dysfunctions for individual athletes within the group.

Our objectives are broken up into three main categories. Each session usually has some component of all three. Workout programming for all sports NEEDS to take into consideration a variety of factors, including but not limited to: in-season vs off-season, injuries, practice and game schedules, complexity of movements, stiffness and soreness. Below are our typical training themes:

  1. Loading – Weight training oriented

  2. Competition – Skills and drills against others in a small group setting

  3. Performance Under Fatigue – Challenge athletes with various movements and skills while fatigued

Dr. Caulfield One on One Training

This option is ideal for athletes who are bridging the gap between treatment and training. Athletes who still have significant limitations with movements are recommended to start with one on one training sessions. This allows Dr. Caulfield the ability to switch between manual therapy and movement based rehab.

This option is also ideal for elite level athletes with specific training needs.

With one on on trainings, Dr. Caulfield will create individualized programming for the athlete which may include workouts to be completed outside of training sessions at Invictus.


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